Joy Joseph Paolozza is a Canadian artist and has been sewing for 51 years, 13 of them spent teaching quilting and running her two Quilt shops; The Olde Silver Thimble and Ruby Pearl Quilts. “My goal is to inspire people to express their creativity through modern works of art while acknowledging and honouring the traditions of the past”.
She has been a guest speaker at many Quilt Guilds as well as a vendor at guild shows.

The Quilted Ruby is Joy’s new online business venture keeping her birthstone ruby in the title.
“As well as being beautiful, I believe gemstones have significant meaning”

She has many original designs under her pattern company “Lily La Designs”, three of which have been published in the Canadian magazine A Needle Pulling Thread, Fall 2014, Winter 2015 as well as her bio in the Spring 2016 issue.


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